Leave your past behind for the present moment

“Nothing ever happened in the past that can prevent you from being present now, and if the past can’t prevent you from being present now, what power does it have?” ~ Eckhart Tolle

In the succession of moments that make up this wonderful life, we are presented with many situations from which there are lessons to learn. When missed, we enter into the cycle of samskara where these lessons keep circling back round. Breaking this repetitive cycle can only happen once you can see clearly the lesson that you have missed and actually learn from it.

In order to identify the cycle, awareness of reality is required. The mind has a tendency to become preoccupied in past or future events. Attaching to such thoughts prevents you from seeing reality and the beauty of the present. By consciously living in the moment, reality is laid bare and the cyclical patterns of repetition can be identified. When you can see the repetitive pattern, you can see the lesson. In seeing the lesson, you become open to the opportunity to learn from it.

In a recent blog “fill space with light and love“, I talked about my own personal experience of a relationship breakup. During a period of introspection following this breakup, I connected to the consciousness within and identified a long running cycle of repetition where I had been looking externally for validation, acceptance, love and happiness. I took the time to find the lesson in this painful experience and found my light within. This light brought with it all the happiness, validation, love and acceptance that I could ever need. I learned to complete myself instead of searching outside for what I seemed to lack from within. In doing this, I believed my cycle of samskara to be broken. My past was in my past, my future was yet to come and I was living very present in every moment.

From this place of completeness, I walked each step with contentment in my heart. I felt at one with the world. I could feel a deep connection to each and every person who passed me by. With the trees and the birds. With the water flowing around the beautiful city of Stockholm. I felt connected and at peace and this is when the universe sent a special person across my path. Another soul that was complete, connected to his own light. A spark has created a flame. A small bud has began to flower. All happening in the right way, moment to moment, without effort. A new cycle, or so it seems. At the same time, my past came back to knock on my door.

When my past came knocking, I turned my curiosity towards it. Interested to know what my past would have to say in the present moment. Interested to see how my consciousness would relate to that which had been left behind. When something from your past comes back to your present, you can meet it with skepticism or you can stay grounded and conscious and watch to see if the repetitive pattern is still there.  I had to ask myself if listening to the words of someone from my past would really serve a purpose in the present moment or would this keep me stuck in an old cycle.  Only time will tell if the cycle is truly broken. Every time you make a decision that keeps you stuck in the cycle, you deepen it. Every time you decide to use the lesson you have learned, you strengthen the connection to your deepest self.

By remaining conscious and listening to your own truth, you can see if your attachment to the past has been released.  You can rejoice in knowing that life continues to present us with opportunities to connect to the reality of “what is”. To connect a little deeper to the light within. No more need to look back to the past. No longer having to remain stuck in the repetitive cycle. Instead, we can be free to find the excitement that ignites us with a passion for living. Driving us ever closer to the happiness deep within.  It is a long road ahead with so much more still to learn. Move forward in each present moment with a skip in your step and celebrate the fact that life will always help you learn with all its ups and downs, trials and tribulations. Love openly and deeply and enjoy each moment before it slips into your past.