Achieve your greatest potential

“It takes 40 days to break a habit, 90 days to gain a new habit, 120 days and you are the habit, 1000 days you are the Master of it.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

Everything in life happens little by little. Goals are set and slowly we edge our way towards them. The brain and body learn through repetition. Repetitive practice produces results, wether it be to learn to dance, to play an instrument or to learn the spelling of words. Practice makes perfect.

So much in our lives involves repetition. Repetition creates habits. Repetition cements behaviours. Repetition has the power to make you the strongest, healthiest happiest version of yourself. It also has the power to make you the weakest, unhealthiest, unhappiest version of yourself.

Think about it from a physical perspective. If you spend your days hunched over a keyboard and your nights slouching in front of the TV, little by little you will create a curvature in your spine or a hump on your back. Your body will slowly stiffen over time and your energy will slowly dwindle.

If you repetitively eat junk food lacking in nutritional value, little by little, you will create illness in the body. If you repetitively eat more calories than you burn, little by little you will gain weight. Years will pass and slowly but surely, your repetition will result in a physical display of your practiced excess.

If you repetitively consume sweet sugary food and drinks, little by little your teeth will rot and cavities will form.

You have the power to decide what repetition will be part of your daily practice. If you find yourself carrying excess weight or constantly feeling lethargic, think about your daily practice. How does your typical day look? How does a typical week look? A typical month and year? Identifying your patterns of repetition is the first step to changing them.

Small changes in practice can have a very positive effect over time. Taking the stairs instead of the lift. Going for an evening walk instead of watching TV. Eating some fruit instead of sweets.  Taking time to meditate instead of looking at your phone.

Great potential exists in each and every one of us. Learning is a life long experience where we slowly evolve and gracefully mature. You can change your pattern at any age, it is never too late. Choose your daily practice wisely and little by little, you will achieve your greatest potential!