A little Peace

“If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another.” ~ Dalai Lama

The world is a troubled place. Turbulence exists in different ways around every corner. The desire for power sits at the core of this turbulence. Wether it be a war between two countries or a family feud, the root of the struggle remains the same. Every struggle is a story with multiple sides and view points.  Perception plays a major role. In this world, every mind is it’s own world. Each minds world with its own unique viewpoint. It’s no wonder in this complex web of global minds that peace seems like an unattainable state.

We all experience struggles and turbulence in relationships with family, friends and loved ones. Maybe your struggle is in the workplace or with a neighbour.  As you witness your struggle, observe what you see on the opposing side. Could it be that it’s a reflection of something within you? Each of us carries a wound. Some call it ego but I see it as a gaping wound crying out to be healed.  This wound makes us defensive.  It closes us off from the good things in life. It creates fear and prevents us from letting go of things that don’t serve in our evolution.  When you can take the time to heal. To forgive those you feel have caused you pain. You bring yourself one step closer to inner peace. Having lived through many struggles myself, I have learned what it is to look externally for blame. In blaming someone else for my own pain and suffering I was missing the opportunity to heal.

Each struggle has a lesson and if you can take the time to look for it, your wound will slowly close. Taking responsibly for your part in a struggle brings you closer to peace. Peace in this world will only be achieved when each and every person takes responsibility for their own peace. We can make the world a more peaceful place by finding peace within. We can all make a difference, each and every person.  It starts with you.  Can you do something today to make your world a more peaceful place?